2021 Specialty Categories

Top Specialty Award (1st place awarded only)

  • Best of show
  • Best paint
  • Best interior
  • Best engine
  • Best mural 
  • Most Club participation 
  • Best Audio/Video
  • Best 50’s
  • Best 60’s
  • Best 70’s
  • Best 80’s
  • Best 90’s


Welcome to the Exhibitor Section. If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, please  click here.

All Corpus Christi Car Show exhibits are held at the American Bank Center. Exhibitors include: a range of domestic and imported passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles; sports utility vehicles, and custom concept vehicles. Additionally, attendees will also have the opportunity to see numerous accessories and auto-related exhibits. 


2021 Categories

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Categories

  • Modern muscle car
  • Classic muscle car
  • Modern truck
  • Classic truck 
  • Classic car
  • Volkswagon Van
  • Import
  • Muscle
  • Motorcycle
  • Lowrider street
  • Lowrider custom
  • Lowrider Truck/Mini-Truck
  • Lowrider Luxury
  • Lowrider Bomb
  • Lowrider Bicycle
  • 4x4
  • Donk/Big Rim
  • Street Rod
  • Rat Rod
  • Under Construction


Categories may change. Based on Registration.

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